There are several rules how to control increased earnings

money boat“Life is good …”

Approval rather subjective, but still the majority of people on income from previous years increased slightly. Someone less, and someone on the contrary – a lot more. The big money and the inability to handle them, as you know, spoil people. It could happen that if there were not enough for the bread and butter, then later you can complain about the lack of bread with caviar. It is no secret that sometimes wealthy people can complain about the lack of money more than those who are really in need of financial assistance.

What to speak of people whose income has increased dramatically? Momentarily blinded by being rapidly increased finance and lights’ star on her forehead. ” Assess the adequacy of income and expense, few can. And the question is: “How much more was the money?” Just baffled.

Man elated own new features. Recklessly makes a perfect start to unnecessary purchases. But the head of acquisition, these claims are justified, that all this is necessary to confirm the new status and to comply with the provisions environment. Costs – not included.

In this state of events is surprising when it turns out that the new money is not enough. And if enough, only the most necessary things. But now it is “necessary” is many times more expensive. After getting used to the good – very easy, it is much more difficult to limit myself in this. And very often it and going to expensive restaurants and buying latest models. Basically, things that could be and not spend money blindly.

The main thing is just to know the simple rules that oberegut of such absurd situations. After all, as the saying goes: “to inform – is forearmed.”

Control regulations

The main motto at sharply increased revenues – is “accounting, control and planning.” Of course, the best way to follow this motto always, and not only at improving living standards. This statement can be broken into three phases:

  • click to calculate income convenient time when you will be at rest carefully calculate income
  • make counting Bang amount
  • share all the resulting sum into two parts: the first – the amount that was before the arrival of new revenue, we call it – the base amount. The second – the new income, we call it – addition.
  • of the base amount necessary to pay the food, utilities, entertainment and recreation. It seems that this is impossible? But before it is lived by that amount. The main thing at first to get used to the new income and not waste it in vain.

Increase should be divided into five parts:

– 50%, lay off half of the account with interest. One hesitates to this act. But in the future it will pay two or three times! After a good habit to eventually become a very good income.

– 20% can spend on acquisitions, which would correspond to the new situation. But it is possible and not too expensive. For example, what to order in a restaurant almost prawns, if you can get a simple salad with water.

– 10% safely spend on yourself. Buy What always wanted, but could not. But to buy only within the allowed amount. If there is not, wait a while, or think about how to get out of this situation.

– 10% put off to help family or relatives. After all, each of us, there are times when you need financial assistance. Or you can just to please such close and dear people. After doing this is not so common.

– 10% are contingencies.

What not to do

If revenue up well, very much, in any case, is not necessary:

make a lot of status purchases. Expenses, which may not have enough income. Remember that wise people do not show their money, and even more expense machines and devices;
no need to change attitudes to the surrounding people. Do not catch the “star.” The expression: “Do not have a hundred rubles, and a hundred friends” has not been canceled. After all, in life things change, the situation may be favorable, but tomorrow may be reversed;
do not need to take any credit, but more so if you have some old debts. It may seem that urgently need to buy a new car, as the situation requires. But sit down and calmly think about, but is it really necessary? Or maybe we should wait a little more before stability and a cool head to make such serious shopping?
do not need to be equal to the new environment and the people, it is partly connected with new purchases. Stay themselves as they were before the new revenue. Live your life, do not meet anyone;
Do not waste all at once, put off a “black” day. After all, the situation could change at any time.


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